How do I get to the meeting spot for my tour?

Please refer to our Contact Us page for a visual map of the meeting spot.

The meeting spot for all tours is Harmony Park in Surry Hills, just outside the city centre in Sydney. (on the corner of Goulburn St and Brisbane St)

If walking or catching a taxi/Uber : use the address 156 Goulburn St Surry Hills in Google maps. You'll see all the bikes set up and ready to go on the corner when you arrive there.

If coming by train : Catch a train to Museum station, and take the Liverpool St exits when leaving the station. When you are at street level, walk east on Liverpool st so you have Hyde Park/War Memorial on your left. Then turn right onto Wentworth Avenue at the end of Hyde Park. Walk along Wentworth Avenue until you reach Goulburn st, then turn left onto Goulburn St. Walk one block along Goulburn St and you will see the bikes set up and ready to go on the corner of Harmony Park.

Do I need to be fit to do one of your bike tours?

The beauty about an electric bike is that it caters to people of all levels of fitness, so everybody can enjoy the benefits of cycling around Sydney which may not be possible on a traditional bike.

Most of downtown is Sydney is reasonably flat, and during those areas you will barely have to pedal at all. Some areas, particularly the lookout spots, require uphill cycling to get there so you will need to put in a little effort yourself, however the electric engine will do most of the hard work for you.

There are a couple of spots where we will need to get off and push our bikes, however all the bikes are light in weight so this should be easy for all.

I've never rode an electric bike before! Will I be okay?

Our electric bikes are easy to use and not to mention great fun! Having said that, it is advisable that you have at least rode a traditional bike at some point beforehand in your life. We will demonstrate the usage of the bike as part of the pre tour preparation, and please do not feel embarrassed about asking whatever questions you may have about the bikes. (or anything for that matter)

Is it safe to ride bikes in Sydney?

Your safety is our absolute priority above everything else on our tours, so please rest assured we have taken every precaution to ensure that while you are having a great experience, you are also safe and comfortable at the same time.

Our electric bikes are well maintained and they are only used for guided tours, so they do not have the wear and tear you may see with bikes that are available for general rental elsewhere. Helmets are provided to all customers, and this is compulsory under Australian law regardless.

As the name of our business suggests, our tours are are designed to be leisurely and enjoyable. While we are cycling, our speed will never exceed approximately 20km/hr (12mph). Your friendly guide will lead the way at all times and indicate when we are stopping, starting and turning etc.

Sydney is a big city, so please understand that while we try to ensure that a good part of our tours are along dedicated bike lanes, quiet back streets and parks, there are a few areas where we will find ourselves on shared pedestrian paths and roads with light vehicle traffic.

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes, all riders must be at least 13 years of age. We do appreciate that some families will have younger children and we wish we could accommodate everybody, however we will be riding on full size electric bikes and will occasionally be on city streets, so for safety reasons we must ensure all riders are at least 13.

What about the weather?

If this is your first visit to Sydney, it is probably best to assume the climate here is a little harsher than your home country.

Summer in Sydney(December to February) can be particularly hot and the sun quite intense. The other seasons are generally warm to mild, and we can experience rainfall at any time during the year, although it is generally mild to moderate. It will never be freezing cold in Sydney during the daytime, at any time of year.

In terms of clothing, we recommend very light clothing in summertime. You will most likely feel uncomfortable if you are wearing jeans/trousers etc during the Sydney summer. Throughout the remainder of the year, if you are wearing jeans or trousers for example, we recommend you still have a pair of shorts on underneath. Sometimes the weather in Sydney can start off quite cool or mild at the start of the day but then get warmer quite quickly as the day progresses.

Please always assume that the tour is on unless you hear from us via email/SMS otherwise. It is rare that the weather in Sydney is that bad that we can't be out on bikes, but if your tour is cancelled due to poor weather we will give you the option of doing a tour on another day, or a full refund.

What about bathroom facilities?

There are no bathroom facilities at the meeting spot, so please ensure you have been to the bathroom prior to your tour if necessary. Otherwise, there are bathroom facilities available during the tour at a couple of different locations.

Is there storage available?

No. There are no storage facilities available at or near the meeting spot for the tours, so please ensure you only bring what you can comfortably carry while riding the bikes.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We absolutely strive to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe ride with Easy Bike Tours. If, for whatever reason, you believe that your tour was not as it was advertised or you have another reason to be dissatisfied, please just let your tour guide know the reason at the end of your tour and we will refund 100% of your tour cost as a gesture of goodwill. Guaranteed.

How do I know your website is secure when booking?

We use world leading TripAdvisor's very own reservation system(Bokun) for making tour bookings, which in turn is attached to the secure and PCI compliant Stripe Payment Gateway. 

Do I need to bring water and food?

A complimentary small bottle of water will be provided to all guests. Additionally, we will pass water fountains during the tours to further re-hydrate, and convenience stores to grab a quick snack if necessary. PLEASE NOTE : we do not stop for a full sit down meal during any of our tours, so please ensure you have eaten a meal in advance.